An old dog learns code


May 19, 2018


列表 FlatList 直接放在 View 里面,无法 pull to refresh


因为 FlatList 基于 ScrollView 和 VirtualizedList 封装,查看了 ScrollView 的官方文档说明

Keep in mind that ScrollViews must have a bounded height in order to work, since they contain unbounded-height children into a bounded container (via a scroll interaction)[1]. In order to bound the height of a ScrollView, either set the height of the view directly (discouraged) or make sure all parent views have bounded height. Forgetting to transfer {flex: 1} down the view stack can lead to errors here, which the element inspector makes easy to debug.


在 FlatList 外层的容器里加上{flex:1}

<View style={{flex:1}}>  <FlatList
  1. FlatList 和 ScrollView 都必须包裹在有确定高度的容器内才能正常工作
    所以,如果 FlatList 内嵌在 ScrollView 里,或者反之,内嵌的控件无法正常工作,因为 FlatList 或 ScrollView 都是不固定高度的。 之前也遇到过类似情况,无意中将 FlatList 放在了基于 ScrollView 封装的容器里,只要上拉加载更多,就会出现 FlatList 无穷加载的情况
  2. FlatList 和 ScrollView 都必须放在{flex:1}的容器里,否则无法正常工作